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Cost Effective Email Solution

Cost Effective Email Solution

In today's business world Email is the most important factor for communication. vcloudmail is able to manage Your business's small or large number of mailboxes. We have experienced mail experts, who provides email solutions to companies. We provides mail solution for last many years.

Cost Effective Email Solution :

Cost Effective Email Solution
We are providing a unique solution to your emailing needs. Which will be efficient, effective, sage, secure as well as cost-effective. You get G-Suite for important persons like CEO/MD etc. while you can get only emails for other employees with same domain branding.
In this example, a,b,c,info and ceo are employees at your company. a,b and c has a mailbox on our email server that you manage, and info and ceo has a mailbox in G suite.All these employees can be mailed from their accounts internally or externally easily.
Feature :
  1. Flexible Email Delivery
  2. Cost Efficiency
  3. Easy Email Management
  4. Greater Accessibility
  5. Safe and Secure

Email is important for business communication :
In now day, email is important factor of communication for business planning, organizing, etc. In today's world communication heavily depend on email.
Emails are an effective way to communicate with clients, employees as well as your customers.
email is important to keep an eye on your business even if you are away from your workplace.

Why need email solutions?
For email solutions first you need to know, How much email is important for your business. You need to know about Spam, 96% of the world's email traffic is spam. For that we implemented anti-spam filtering solution, Which will decrease the spam messages to a minimum. And We also provide mail security.

Our email services for your business:
We understand the need of user to constantly have access to their email communications. Your users can access their email using outlook, a mobile phone with Gmail identical features.
With our Spam Filter protection features, you can be assured of a spam- free & virus-free inbox.
we take all the necessary steps to keep you mail safe and secure.

We have implemented a professional anti-spam filtering solution called Spam Experts which will decrease the SPAM messages to a minimum. Spam Experts provides email security. We Provide Hybrid Email Solution services. customer satisfaction is our motto